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Delphina S.p.A. uses cookies throughout the entire duration of your visit and persistent cookies when you visit our sites more than once for analytical and marketing purposes. This use is carried out in compliance with Directive 2009/136 which amended the “e-Privacy” directive (2002/58/CE) and the measure titled “dentification of simplified procedures for information about and acquisition of agreement regarding the use of cookies – 8th May 2014”.

See also Delphina S.p.A.’s privacy policy

Use of cookies

The information herein refers to the present site and all the sites and sub-domains owned by Delphina S.p.A. and not to other web sites accessed through links.

Users who view, will see information being downloaded onto their own devices (desktop, notebook, mobile etc) in small text files known as “cookies” which are saved directly in the directory used by the user’s web browser. Further information regarding cookies can be found at the following links:

Cookies used by Delphina S.p.A.

Technical Cookies

These allow the correct functioning of certain sections of the Site.

This site uses technical cookies, that is, those used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of a service from an information company explicitly requested by the subscriber or User to provide that service” (cf. art. 122, comma 1, of the Code).

They are not used for any other purpose and are usually installed by the site owner.

Cookies are divided into navigation cookies or session cookies and they are necessary to ensure normal navigation and use of the site (for example to make a booking or authenticate access to restricted areas);

Analytics cookies: similar to technical cookies used by the privacy guarantor as where used directly by Delphina as site manager for collecting aggregate information about the number of visitors and how they visit the site;

Function/feature cookies: allow the visitor to navigate the site depending on a variety of criteria selected to simplify the service.

In order to install these cookies, prior consent of the visitor to the site is not obligatory, but there is an obligation to inform the user in accordance with art. 13 of the Code in the most appropriate manner.

The acquisition and processing of the data resulting from the use of technical cookies is necessary for site consultation and in cases of refusal by the visitor, it will not be possible to carry out a complete and correct consultation.

No “non-technical” cookies, such as those used for profiling or marketing may be installed on the user’s terminal without the user being informed beforehand and providing valid consent. Delphina provides this information on almost every entry page of the site through specific banners and as specified on the banner itself, continued navigation of the site is considered; valid consent.


Display Delphina Cookie Consent: persistent – in order to record the express consent of the user with reference to the use of cookies. Duration: 1 year

__utma: persistent – records the time of the user’s visit – necessary for providing service to Google Webmaster and Analytics third parties. Duration: 2 years

__utmb: persistent – drop-out rate (approximate value) by the user – necessary for providing service to Google Analytics third parties. Duration: 30 minutes

__utmc: per session – user provenance – necessary for providing service to Google Analytics third parties for the interoperability of older versions such as Urchin. Duration: single session

__utmt: persistent – performance – necessary for providing service to Google Analytics third parties. Duration: 10 minutes

__utmz: persistent – user provenance – necessary for providing service to Google Analytics third parties. Duration: 6 months

_ga: persistent – user distinction – necessary for providing service to Google Analytics third parties. Duration: 2 years

_icl_current_language: language preference, necessary for providing the language selected by the user. Duration: 1 year

Web sites and third party services


These are used to integrate features and functions created by third parties within the site and present icons and preferences expressed on social networks or for the use of software for generating maps and added services, etc. in the form of publicity. These cookies are sent by domains belonging to third party companies that provide advertising services to Delphina.

Consent to these cookies can be given in one or more ways:
With particular settings for the browser or programmes used to navigate web sites.
With specific changes of preference provided on third party websites.

Settings for managing cookies with the user’s own browser

Below Delphina provides a list of links relating to the most important; browsers with instructions on how to take action regarding privacy and tracking preferences; depending on the type of browser used by the client:

Mozilla Firefox: Block cookies
Google Chrome: Cookie and site data management
Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Managing cookies and other data from web sites
Safari 8 (Yosemite): Managing cookies and data from web sites
Internet Explorer: Block or allow cookies
Opera: Cookie
Safari iOS (mobile): Web settings for Safari on iPhones, iPads, or iPod touch

Information for managing third party service cookies

Google Ads: Settings for Google ads
Google Analytics: Browser add-ons for Google Analytics deactivation
Facebook: Cookies, pixels and similar technologies
Twitter: Use of cookies and other similar technologies by Twitter

This information can be viewed using the link at the bottom of all Delphina web site pages in compliance with art. 122 second comma of D.lgs. 196/2003 and following the simplified procedures regarding information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette n.126 of the 3rd June 2014 and its record of; legislative action n.229 of the 8th May 2014.